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about: Eric Johnson

Hi I’m @kablamo. I want to do more and level up. I want to do handstands
and flips. I prefer crazy new ideas to safe old ones. I have a 50% savings

I like to travel. I’ve lived and worked in Minneapolis, Beijing, Singapore,
London, and Chicago.

I like teaching, building, organizing, writing code and writing human language.
I do some of those things and take care of the servers at DuckDuckGo.
DuckDuckGo is awesome.

I like ice cream and peanut butter and peanut butter ice cream.


about Perl at blog.kablamo.org
about personal finance at blog.networthify.com


Networthify has simple finance tools for early retirement extremists.
Minimum Viable Perl is a book about the Perl programming language containing
concise tutorials for experienced developers. Learn just enough Perl.